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Dhoop cone

Dhoop cone


Sugandhim Kannauj Dhoop Cones are carefully crafted aromatic incense cones inspired by the rich traditions of Kannauj, India. These dhoop cones are meticulously prepared using a blend of natural ingredients, herbs, and resins, following age-old techniques to offer a fragrant and serene atmosphere.

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Key Features:

Natural Ingredients: Made from a blend of natural substances such as aromatic woods, herbs, essential oils, and resins sourced from the Kannauj region, renowned for its traditional craftsmanship in creating fragrances.

Aromatic Ambiance: When lit, these dhoop cones release a fragrant smoke that fills the space with a captivating aroma. The distinct blend of scents might include floral, woody, or herbal notes, creating a serene and calming environment.

Traditional Craftsmanship: The creation process involves meticulous attention to detail and adherence to traditional methods passed down through generations, ensuring a high-quality and authentic experience.

Spiritual and Relaxation Purposes: Often used in spiritual rituals, meditation, yoga, or simply for relaxation, these dhoop cones offer an opportunity to enhance mindfulness and create a peaceful ambiance.

Variety and Fragrance Options: They might be available in various fragrances, each offering its unique blend and character, catering to different preferences and occasions.

Usage Instructions:

Place a dhoop cone on a heat-resistant surface or an appropriate incense holder.
Light the tip of the cone until it catches fire, then blow out the flame, allowing the cone to smolder and release its fragrance.
Enjoy the calming aroma as it spreads through the space.

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